Hi, Welcome to America!

Here I am. I’m fine. I’ve just been doing other stuff. Like, umm, excavating my room. My side of the bed now looks like this:

IMG 0094
And I did my side of the closet yesterday. I’ll have to go through the clothes at least once more, I think, and pare a bit more. And this morning I hauled an eyesore bookcase out of my room. Can I just say I am tired of living like I’m in a third world country? And will you understand that when I say that I mean I have so much stuff that it weighs me down and every task I undertake requires moving and organizing because there is just. too. much!

And good grief, when I die! My Grandmother had so little stuff, and it will still take us at least a solid week’s work to clear out her house. Scary to think how long it would take my kids to deal with my crap, yk?

I guess the big question for the day is this: will I or will I not do dh’s dresser and side of the closet?

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