A zooming kind of day

I know you have days like this, you just move from one thing to another, and get things done. Today was such a day for me. Click, click, click. Check, check, check, and now I am ready for some down time, which I will enjoy in just a bit with some coffee and JPG magazine. But first I wanted to stop in and chat with you all.

I’ve been continuing to clean in the boys room this week, and only the closet is left. There’s not much to that, really, so I foresee moving on to the girls room this coming week. That will leave the living room and work area. Maybe by the time my birthday rolls around, this project will be complete, and I can order birthday invitations featuring Mr. Clean or something. Or maybe Goofy is more my style.

Ok. Magazine. Bed. I have another click check day ahead of me tomorrow, I hope!