Word Maker

You know how Richard’s uncle, the Earl of Warwick was called the Kingmaker? Well, yesterday, I became the WordMaker. I coined two new terms that have taken hold among my little group of internet cronies.

1) ludicrosity
2) banning bandit

I’ll add these to my word belt, right there beside rankspank which I coined back in November.

That is all, you may now return to your machines.

3 thoughts on “Word Maker

  1. …ludicrosity….


    lol, define please. 😉

    You TREND-SETTER, you! Before you know it, all women will be having eight kids! Look at what you have started!

  2. HA! A ludicrosity is an event with such astounding stupidity that it needs a word of it’s very own nounishness.

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