Heart Work

You know there are a lot of things that make me feel guilty. One of them is that I am not able to help my mom with Grandmother’s stuff as much as I feel I should. I’m not blowing her off, but I am just heavily scheduled. (BTW, Mama, next Saturday, we are on. I think.) I’ve enjoyed the couple of times I have been able to go with her, but it’s not easy work. It’s not hard work, either, but it is heart work. I touched on that just a bit when I told you about the note I found.

See, in between the old issues of Birds and Blooms and the shower chairs, (yes, two, Granddad’s old one was still there, I think) we find things like this:

IMG 0059

and this:
IMG 0060

The picture is of my grandparents, probably taken not long after they married. There is one of Grandmother alone from that same day, and I have a picture of it as well. The bowl in the second picture belonged to my great grandmother. In fact, I have a lot of pictures of people and things that I need to tell about, but the telling is also heart work. And I am just not ready to work quite that heart right now.

2 thoughts on “Heart Work

  1. Finding old pictures warms the heart. We go back in time and muse over our lives then, the moments we shared with people we truly love.

  2. Please do not feel guilty because you cannot help me every time I go to Mother’s house. I think going thru her stuff is really harder on you than me. I am doing it methodically and you are doing it emotionally.

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