The February Report

Again, it sounds so officious, but it is what it is, and what it is is the February Report. I suppose the easiest way to do this is just go in the same order I did it last month. If I don’t have anything to say about an area, I’ll do a novel thing and not say anything. Crazy, in’n’t?

Yep, made some stuff, didn’t spend any money, see the craft blog for details.

Kept the current current, and added Mama as planned. In March I want to keep all the current stuff paid up, plus Mama, and work on getting light bill current. We’ve had some big setbacks this month and some good things as well, so it’s mostly evened out.

Going ok, still not doing group stuff as much as I like, BUT I did finish the first purge of the house and I was sick for this entire last week. I’m looking to do much better with this in March, and I’ll talk a bit more about that in the next category.

Family More, Internet Less
Here’s an area where I am coming under more and more conviction. I just cannot get away from the fact that I am too involved in cyber-life to the detriment of my real life. Umm, I think I put it aptly this morning when I said “I am so busy writing that I’m not living.” My kids are suffering, as are my husband, my house, my skill sets and oh yeah, me.

Time with Dh
Does watching tv count, if we are at least in the same room together? If so, then this is going better. If not, well………..I suck.

Weight Loss
154 as I reported earlier this week.

Bible Reading
And now I have ditched the chart. I’m back to reading an actual Bible before I even get out of bed. At least that way it’s getting done.

I finished the wifing book today. It’s by Debi Pearl and it’s called Created to be his Help Meet. Don’t think that I don’t know the Pearls are considered to be controversial in some circles, but I am telling you that this book will change the way you look at your role of wife. It could in fact change your life. I highly recommend it, and the friend who sent it to me quite possibly saved my marriage. It took a long time to read it, because I was trying to put what I was learning into practice. It was well worth the time involved.

House Cleaning
I officially finished the first purge and clean yesterday. Yeah, I said first. It took six weeks, but it was so much fun that I plan to do it again, immediately. See, I kinda skimped on the cleaning part for the month of February and went righ to the purging part. I’ve got some walls that need cleaning, and corners tha need whisk-broomed, etc.

To-Do list
Nothing much on this beyond being shocked to discover it was 6 pages long. What kind of person ends up with a 6 page to-do list? I’ll begin to shorten it this month. Oh, I guess something did happen: I didn’t add anything to it, and when your list is 6 pages, that oughta count for something.

Oh, as noted above, much my stuff is together. Now I can begin work on my thoughts and ideas and get something done with my days aside from just getting through them!

Better Blogger
Umm, I sorta missed the February 2007 figure, huh?
Jan 2008 –1,555 visitors
March 2007 –1,070 visitors
Feb 2008 — 1,257 visitors. This is down from January, but my posting was also down by quite a bit, and I didn’t really write much I considered SU worthy. Something about all that cleaning and all that being sick and all the other stuff that I managed to cram into the shortest month of the year.

Craft Trip
Family Trip
Travel alone

Oops: forgot to put in the thing this post wasn’t about– land for sale Branson

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