Cool Phone Call

Hey! See that little button over there in the sidebar? The one about Alzheimer’s? Did you know that you can click that to donate to my walk? You may remember that I found out after I signed up last year that the walk was actually a volleyball tournament, and so I did a walk here in Bittyburg. It wasn’t as successful as I would have hoped, but we ended up with like 4-6 weeks lead time, so we just bit our lip and went on with it. I got a phone call today from a lady who wants to organize a walk in conjunction with the volleyball tourney, and she wants me to help her! That’s great news, and I am excited already!! And unlike last year, I have plenty of lead time: my walk is October 13. And yeah, I expect you’ll hear a lot more about that in a few months.

Now that I have you checking out the sidebar, scroll on down a little bit, to where my picture used to be, and you’ll see that picture has been replaced with a flickr badge. I’ve been running a Self Portrait Sunday meme over on my photography blog, and the pictures on the badge are from that meme. Effective this Sunday, that meme will be held here, and I wanted to give you a few day’s notice so you could snap a picture of yourself between now and then.

You may recall that I said yesterday

Here’s an area where I am coming under more and more conviction. I just cannot get away from the fact that I am too involved in cyber-life to the detriment of my real life. Umm, I think I put it aptly this morning when I said “I am so busy writing that I’m not living.” My kids are suffering, as are my husband, my house, my skill sets and oh yeah, me.

and I am acting on that. There will be more pictures here as a result, and I hope that you enjoy that. I may or may not bring back the photo a day, you’ll know when it does or doesn’t show up.

Ok, I’ve got some stuff to do that doesn’t involve yammering on nor yet the flash drive, believe it or not. I actually need to get up from here. HA!