Dear Deb, I Miss You

From May 7, 2007
Just a little shout out to my friend!

Saturday, we had quite the goings-on at my place. I had some blogging friends come over, and we had a wonderful time. Deb came in from New Jersey, Marcus was here as well. You’ve met Marcus on this blog before, since he’s from right here in North Carolina. And if food can make someone a native, we can now count Deb among our number. I fed her fried chicken, fried okra and boiled peanuts. We had a grand time.

In this picture, Marcus’ tall self is in the back, and Deb is beside him. I am right there in the front, and no, I wasn’t sitting down!


I can’t wait to see you again!!! I bet I look like this again, and you look even better! Get that luggage packed and come on down!

One thought on “Dear Deb, I Miss You

  1. I do look better (grin)

    so cool to see this today 🙂

    July baby, I’ll be down that way in July

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