A Bauble Question

s 2859 I was just over at Gemz N Gold, where I saw this pretty dangling black pearl ring. I like black pearls, and the price is right, but I have a couple of questions. Those of you that have dangling rings, can you wear them all the time? Like, do they catch on stuff? And also, are they aggravating? And what makes a pearl black anyway?

I guess I can answer that last part, with a little help from wikipedia. Pearls get their color from the nacre of the mollusk that forms them. BUT, freshwater pearls can also be dyed. Of course, today we get most of our pearls from pearl farms instead of random harvesting from the ocean, but the process is intensive, and time consuming. You know, I think that’s about all I want to know about that. It kinda takes the magic away to know too much about some things, doesn’t it? Life’s like that sometimes.