Free Wii!

Did that get your attention? I thought it might. And I’m not talking about just the box. I mean the box, five games, several controllers and everything you need to start playing right NOW. And while I think Wii’s are cool, and the kids might like it, I grew up without a video game system, and I could probably live without one forever. BUT, the folks who are giving away the Free Wii are also auctioning off a lifetime of highspeed internet. And that is something we all use, a prize I could really enjoy, yk? Like daily. And for the rest of my life.

Once you Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wiiâ„¢!, you’ll be asked for your address and zip code. You do have to be in their service area to get the internet, and to enter the contest for the Wii. Unfortunately for me, here in Bittyburg, I can’t play. But don’t let that stop you. Go preregister and then bid. The auction runs from March 12th to March 26th, and the opening bid is just ten bucks. Considering I pay about $360 a year for internet, I’m thinking that could end up being a heckuva deal, even without a free Wii.

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