James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser

Having done some major thinking and re-organization of my blog-dom, I am ready to participate in some memes again!! Yay! Today’s booking through Thursday question is:
Who is your favorite Male lead character? And why?

Today’s Picture
IMG 0185My favorite male leader character is Jamie from the Diana Gabaldon novels. And when I say he’s my favorite, I am going to back it up with this photo of all my Gabaldon books. And I will also tell you that I used to be a member in proud standing of the Ladies of Lallybrock Forum. Now, as for why he’s my favorite…. he’s so Jamie. He’s gallant and rough, and fierce and gentle, and timid and ruthless, and inexperienced and wise. He is…….every man. All the good qualities a man could have are wrapped up in this fictional person. In fact, I feel a little sorry for actual flesh and blood men, attempting to live up to this standard.

And also, back in the day, my dh had red hair. Just sayin’

As for what I am currently reading, it’s Matrimony by Joshua Henkin. There’s a book club I want to participate in once I get a few more pages into it. Eventually. When I can snatch more than 15 late night minutes for reading.

4 thoughts on “James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser

  1. Hmm…Diana Gabaldon. The name rings a bell but I don’t *think* I’ve read anything by her. From your description of Jamie, I think I would remember if I had!

    Happy BTT! 😀

  2. I love Jamie too, the Outlander is one of my favorite series book of all times. I have read all books except A Breath of Snows and Ashes. I will read it soon 🙂

    Great choice! Happy BTTs and have a good Thursday

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