I must sleep-gross and graphic

I’m going to estimate that it has been close to two weeks since I have had a good night’s sleep. First I was sick with the flu, and couldn’t breathe through my nose. Except for when it unplugged and I woke up choking and spluttering on my own hot snot. (Umm, oops, let me go add a warning in the title. Okay, done.) And now, I am feeling a bit better and I can breathe but my RAD is flaring, and when I lay down my bronchus starts spasming and I start coughing, and that’s that, I have to get up. I’m prone to bronchitis and have been all my life, but I discovered several years ago that I could prevent each and every little sniffle from turning into bronchitis IF, and only if, I never allowed a cough to win. Since I enjoy bronchitis like other people enjoy the blindiing glare of a Hella light in their eyes, Mucinex is my friend. I thought I had taken my last one last night, and so this evening I went out for more. Turns out, I still had a few tucked away in a secret-to-me location, and dh found them.

The trip to Walgreen’s wasn’t a total wash, however. Marc Anthony shampoos and conditioners are BOGO, so I picked up some of those. I have some of the curl lotion, and I really like what it does for my hair. I’m excited to try the other products. And also? If you don’t think the smell of lemon pie is the sexy?? You are the wrong.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the cough. Tonight, I will take the pill before I lay down. Instead of waiting for the cough to arrive, I will strike first. And then I will sleep. And I am saying this so that it will be true, because ya’ll my brain is so fried I couldn’t even remembe the types of foods we eat for lunch around here when I tried to make my menus earlier. That’s whack, ya’ll. We eat lunch every. day.