So that’s why they call it Facebook

So, I am reading my novel last night, the one I told you about yesterday, and two of the characters are looking at a “facebook” seeing who they recognize. Facebook? Facebook. That’s why they call that site Facebook. I swear ya’ll it was a lightbulb moment. Because that’s not what we call it here. Here, it’s an Annual. Seriously. That’s why I have never understand the allure of Facebook. But now?? Oh, I am so there.

3 thoughts on “So that’s why they call it Facebook

  1. I think a facebook is different than an annual (what I would call a yearbook). A facebook is what people get at the beginning of the school year to match the faces with the names. They are usually only given out at colleges. My college had one called “The Great Scots.” It was only names and the pictures taken for the student ID cards.

  2. Really!?! Cool. They didn’t give those out at UCCS. Okay, that does make more sense, considering the scene. And it still explains the fascination with Facebook.

  3. I was gonna say that we call em yearbooks too, but alli already got to that. I never thought and put those two together either. I still don’t want to go to facebook, but still. Come to think of it, they don’t have a facebook for UVU either.


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