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Do I really need a comment policy? I don’t think I’ll make an official one, YET, but I thought I might take a minute to let you know how I go about approving (or not) the comments on this blog. All first time commenters are moderated. Period. You need not leave multiple comments, it’s not an accident if your comment doesn’t show up right away. It’s totally intended to work that way.

See, I allowed this blog to be put on the do follow list, because I do give my commenters some reciprocal value for taking the time to stop by and chat. And don’t worry about what the green toolbar says. If you have a do follow comment on this blog, you are getting juice from a site that is at least PR4 and possibly PR5. The juice is still flowing.

But, I do read the comments, and I try respond to them, or at least the ones I approve. Advertisements for tramadol, viagra and cialis are routinely deleted, comments for other commercial site are either deleted or edited, depending on my mood, and other comments are weighed in the balance of my cold, cold heart, and if I find them acceptable, they pass.

Let me give an example. No one is actually named Rolex Daytona. Now, Rolex is a fine brand, and the Daytona 500 is a much anticipated event here at chez Musings, but I am not going to approve your comment if you put that in the name field. It’s not your name! If your comment is particularly worthy, I may just edit your name, if I am in a generous mood. Don’t count on that, though.

Also, please try to stay on topic. If I have just blogged about my Grandmother’s death, or losing an eye or some such thing, do not use that post as an opportunity to ask me about affiliate marketing or paid blogging or proper spice technique or any other such stupid thing. You know who you are. And DON’T tell me how your product could have prevented such and such. Just sympathize or offer concrete help with your real and actual name or move on. Not too difficult if you accept that the author of this blog (that would be me) is an actual person with actual feelings and that this blog is not your personal billboard.

Finally, relax, I enjoy interacting with you!. I’m not an ogre, in spite of the fact that lately I have been emailing spammers to let them know they can buy advertising for a fee. None of them have responded, though. Imagine that.

Hmm, that gives me an idea. How about this for an official policy: If in doubt, send paypal first.


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