Mediac Musings

Wherein we have a round up of things I have seen, read, heard and thought about.


I subscribed to a few magazines this past week and then when I was at the store, I picked up the lastest issues of a couple of them while I wait for the subs to kick in. One of the benefits of getting my desk cleaned off was finding those reminder cards I had pulled from various magazines, LOL! One of the mags I ordered is InStyle: I had seen a couple of issues at the hair dresser and doctor’s office, and I had been disappointed to be called before I had finished reading, so I finally went to the website and ordered it. Anyway! InStyle! I read this one because I like the advertisements in the front, the articles are short and it’s picture intensive. I’ll also note that it is THICK, and it takes a couple hours at least to get through it. Also, it comes with a book mark in the front, so you can keep your place. Here’s what I learned from this month’s issue:

  • General Foods Coffee House Drinks to go. Thta’s right, little single serving pouches to throw in your purse, with calcium and antioxidants! Oh yes. I like this kind of stuff in coffee, in the place of creamer and sugar, very rich, very yummy, very decadent.
  • This spring’s clothes are some of the ugliest clothes I’ve seen in years with just a couple of must have pieces. For me, bright colors are a yes, extreme cuts are a no.
  • Also, Nicky Hilton has what may be the world’s ugliest dining room ever. It’s hideous, truly, though I do like the rest of her house.


This week, we’ve been watching Jason Bourne. No. Back up. We’ve been watching Matt Damon play Jason Bourne. So far, we’ve seen (again) Identity and Supremacy, and Ultimatum should be here later today. My review may be tainted by the fact that I read the books (*gasp*, there were books???) some 20 years ago, but I have to confess that Matt Damon was far too young in Identity to be convincing as a secret agent. He really didn’t look a day over 16, and it was hard to believe he actually had the experience to do the job. Marie (Franka Potente), however, was totally believable. He looks almost old enough to pass in Supremacy, though, and both movies are good action flicks, and hanging with Jason Bourne would make most self defense products so passe.


Nothing here. I’ve got some sitting on my desk, but I haven’t opened it yet. I only put that title here so I could have three points that all began with M. What can I say, I’m a big loser!

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