154 again

Well, hmmph, that’s no fun, is it? I weighed this morning, and it is definitely time to get back on track with my eating. While I was sick, I just ate whatever appealed (which wasn’t much), and I also managed to get myself out of the breakfast habit. I know that breakfast is important, but it is totally going to take more than a couple of weeks to undo a two and a half DECADE habit, yk? The good news is that I did not gain any, and also that I sat down as part of my menu planning last week, and put together some breakfast menus, so I at least have some good options available.

Of course, it was easier to make time for breakfast when I was getting up earlier. I just realized last night that there is more to altering my sleep schedule than depression. I am using it to avoid…dealing with dh. If I get up as he is leaving for work, then there is less chance for us to discuss the issues that always lead to fights, the issues that are so large that we can’t talk without bringing them up. That’s probably a wrong attitude on my part, but I am tired of the constant stress. I’m pretty sure that time will take care of the issue, though, and that is a good thing. After all, I have plenty of that, right?

On the bright side, I still have good hair.

3 thoughts on “154 again

  1. I hear you, on the breakfast thing and the sleep thing. I love my husband dearly but as far as communicating with him on the big stuff goes, I can either be right or have peace. The older (and possibly more tired) I get, the more I choose peace. Maybe it’s chromosomal? :).

    Still, as you say, you’ve got great hair – that’s got to count for a lot, right?

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