The Attitude of Gratitude

I was at Wal-Mart last weekend with my middle girls. I was kinda excited about the trip, even though dh was working and so I had to wait until 6PM to leave. I planned to buy groceries, and I had received a call about cooking some food for church on Sunday, so I needed to pick up provisions for that as well. None of that was what excited me, though. See, I had received a good size payment for some work, and after investing some of it back in to my business, I figured I had well nigh earned myself a shiny new MP3 player, and by golly, “tonight was the night”.

Now, let me admit right up front that I don’t need an MP3 player. I can’t really think of anyone who actually does. But I want one, because it’s a shiny little toy, and I could put my podcasts on it, and listen to them away from the computer, and also I heard you could find books in MP3, and oh yes, music. Besides, I got dh one for Christmas, and my mom bought some for my girls, and don’t I deserve an MP3 player?

So we got there and started shopping. And we added this and that to the cart. I had bought some hair and face stuff, and I knew Diva needed a new swimsuit, and then she reminded me she needed pants, and Lord, it is true, I have seen her ankles all week long, hello. Oh, and also, Mom, I need church shoes. (The child, she is a weed this month. Soon she will need one of those adjustable beds, so we can lengthen it, and where she gets that from I declare I do not know.) And that’s where I got mad. Because if I bought her all that stuff, there would be no money left for an MP3 player and shouldn’t I be able to do something nice for MYself? Oh I had myself a right good pity party for about 2 minutes, and then I realized something: I have everything I need, and the gift God had given me with the extra work was the ability to meet the needs of my child, now.

James told us that he had no greater pleasure than to hear that his children walk in truth. I have no greater fear than that mine will walk in need. God knew she would grow, God knew I would need to buy her new clothes, God sent work, and work means money. Thank you God, for work and money. And thank You for the heart-check as well. I needed it most of all.

But wait, there’s more! Since I typed this post out a few days ago, God has sent yet MORE work, and guess what? I do have that shiny new MP3 player! I’m putting music on it right now!

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