Self Portrait Sunday March 16, 2008


Welcome to Self Portrait Sunday at Midlife Musings. You get a two-fer from me today. First, here I am with that new mp3 player. Despite the fact that it took me two days to screw up the courage to load it, I was happy with it from the get. (I’ll also note that I looked at it the night I bought it, but SomeLittlePerson kept talking to me, and so that ended with my holding said SomeLittlePerson instead of playing with the player.)

IMG 0231

And here I am this morning, hiding behind my coffee cup. Why am I hiding? I am hiding because DifferentLittlePerson kept me up until after 2, and a NeighborKid arrived at 8 to catch the church bus which runs at 9:30. Good times! But the child is excited because he wants to be baptized tonight.

IMG 0244

And, yes, I was a Klingon in a former life, thanks for noticing.

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