Mediac Musings-Fergie, LimeWire and Saturn

Those of you on the feed may have seen the notes for this post come through when I hit publish in a moment of distraction. For that, I apologize. I have started taking notes for posts while the thoughts are fresh in my mind, and it’s bound to happen now and again that I hit publish before I mean to. I think the advance prep is making for a better blog, and so I will continue to do it, and we’ll just muddle through together, k?


Now that I have the MP3 player, I am listening to a lot more music. I’d had Fergie’s Dutchess sitting on my desk for several days and I finally opened it last week. Now, I ended up with the explicit version, and I was kinda embarrassed when I listened to the cd, and I had my earphones on at the time! Lest you think I have never uttered a cuss word, let me just tell you now that this is untrue. But I don’t do it gratuitously.

I first realized that there might be a problem when London Bridge came on, and I was treated to several repetitions of “oh shit” before the actual singing ever started. And then during the wonderful reggae Mary Jane Shoes some weird/wild/crazy music comes on, and the mother of all expletives is dropped for no apparent reason. If you think for a minute, you can figure that out, but I’m not typing it, mostly because I don’t want that word to ever appear in a search on this site.

M favorites on this CD were Big Girls Don’t Cry, Mary Jane Shoes (yeah, it’s a great song except for that one tiny bit), All That I Got (The MakeUp Song) and Finally. Also, everyone should hear her rendition of Here I Come at least once. I have to get up and dance each time it comes on. But then, I dance a LOT and for no apparent reason.

Final upshot: I still like Fergie, and most of this album ended up in my player. However, it’s Radio Fergie I enjoy. Explicit cd Fergie? Not so much. In my opinion, the wonderful potential in songs like Mary Jane Shoes and the compelling Finally has been denied by a quick grab for ratings. I was hoping to find pure distilled sex here, like Marilyn singing to JFK. Instead I found good music semi-spoiled by raucous ranchiness. I did find a work around for it, though. Keep reading.


If your musical tastes are as rich and varied as mine, you must go immediately to download LimeWire. It’s quick to get, quick to install, and super easy. Want a song? Type in the name or the artist and hit search. Then download. Using LimeWire enabled me to put wonderful old songs like He Stopped Loving Her Today right next to clean versions of Fergie’s songs. That’s right! I used the program to find clean versions of some of the songs on my Dutchess cd. Now, you can’t find everythig with it, much to my dismay (I’ve been trying to find the Elvis/Celine duet of Somewhere with it, but I have not had much luck. If any of you know where I can get that, please drop me a note in the comments.) You can find an awful lot with it though, and it’s now an indispensable addition to my desktop.

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This week, I also read a magazine, and while the subject matter of the mag is not germane to this blog, the Saturn Ad I saw inside certainly is. It was a full page ad, and that page was red. Hard to miss, especially when you remember how I love red!! In part, it said, “How about a little single tasking…..when did we multi-task the joy out of driving?” This made me pause. I can’t remember the last time I slowed down to just enjoy the drive. Or the shower. Or the feel of hot dishwater. Or the sound of the broom across the floor. I’m thinking I ought to slow down just a bit and live on purpose. And also, fill up the tank and go for a spin, just me and my thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Mediac Musings-Fergie, LimeWire and Saturn

  1. I have to agree with you. I was so used to the “radio version” of Fergie’s songs, that I was kind of shocked to hear the versions on the CD. You can buy the tame versions on iTunes if you perfer though.

  2. Ditto on the Limewire remark from Domestic Geek. This goes for most filesharing programs btw. I like Limewire because I can find a lot of songs on there I can no longer buy online or even hear on the radio. Which Elvis and Celine are you referring to?

  3. My friend found it for me. I had misrembered the name, and was actually looking for “If I Can Dream”.

  4. Yeah I found it on the web. I’m quite surprised Celine Dion & Elvis sung a duet together, but stranger things have happened.

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