There’s a new razor in my shower, ya’ll. For years, I have had a Silk Effects Plus, and it had done an adequate job of removing the forests from my legs. Recently, I needed to buy some new blades for it, and so there I was in the women’s shaver aisle. Let’s just pause for a moment and reflect on the length, depth and breadth of that section of Wal-Mart shall we? It boggles the mind that there are so many ways to get rid of what is essentially a normal part of being human. Of course, BO is also a normal part of being human, and we attempt to get rid of it, too, but there I go again, digressing. Anyway!!

sck pr plus rm1So, I found the blades, and then from the corner of my eye, I saw the Intuition. “Well, that’s intriguing”, I thought. See, I’ve quit buying shaving cream. I like the good stuff and it’s a little spendy, and with 2 teens in the house, I got just about sick and tired of buying my favorite scent just to have it all used up before I ever hit the shower door. Why must they shave every day? 5 times? With more and more of my cucumber melon shave gel?????? Since all I ever got to use was soap anyway…. that’s what I bought. Muhahahhaha. Oh wait. I digressed again. Sorry.

Ok, so there I was and there they were, and do you know??!!?? They have a cucumber melon scent! Let me explain a bit about what the Intuition is, in case you haven’t seen one. Or paid attention. Maybe you’ve just been buying blades for your old razor and not paying much attention to the new products. The Intuition is a 3 blade razor with a thing around it. The thing is a shaving gel type stuff, and when your leg is wet and the thing is wet, it provides a glide that is most excellent. Also, it smells good. And when I used it, my legs were slick and they were smooth and when I was done, they were not dry. And that right there is what sealed the deal: I have a new razor ya’ll. And the best part is that since the idea of using someone else’s razor gives my girls the heebie jeebies, I have it all to myself!

7 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. last time I was in that isle I looked at that razor for 5 minutes trying to decide if it would really work. Next time I am out of blades it sounds like I am going to try a new razor. 🙂

  2. i tried the intuition razor, and i knicked my legs so badly every time that i had to switch back to the venus. the blade and soap are so bulky that they didn’t conform to my leg!

  3. I wouldn’t mind trying this, but the cost of replacement blades just kills me! They suck you in with the cheap razor, and then when you go to buy replacement blades, they are $10-$20!!!! I am very blond and fair, so I don’t need to shave my legs every day. So I’ve just been buying disposable razors with the gel strips. I will check this one out, though, so thanks for the tip.

    Plus, they used Jewel’s song for the commercial. And since she totally rawks, I can admit to being sucked in by their marketing strategy. 😉

  4. I think I’ll have to try this one. I’m still buying the 10 for a dollar paint scrapers with pink

  5. I am sorry to hear that. I am still loving mine! I wonder if they are different from earlier, because the blade on mine is really flexible and pivot-y.

  6. I think the blades are 7-8 bucks for 2, but then you don’t have to buy shave cream or extra lotion. Besides, I’m worth it.

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