Self Portrait Sunday Easter, 2008


On the fly again, ya’ll! Running late to church. And yes, I really do look this bad today.
IMG 0288

9 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday Easter, 2008

  1. Hi Cass,

    I just learned about your site, and read your “About Me” – I can definitely relate.

    During school, I did a one-year project of creating self-portraits in various art media (painting, pastels, etc.). I’m still amazed that each one turned out drastically different than the others.

    Thanks for being here – it helps to know others are also in the process of finding themselves, too.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Fran. I found it interesting when I started the SPS that it was months before I had 2 shots that actually looked like they were made of the same person.

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