Living in Sunday All Week Long

I know I haven’t posted a Sunday Sermon recap in a long time, but I think it’s time to get back into that habit, and also, yesterday’s sermon was just so powerful that I can’t not share. You know, there comes a point in your Walk that you have heard the Easter Story preached so many times that you settle in on Resurrection Story expecting to hear the same thing you’ve heard before. But yesterday, Pastor didn’t just preach the gospel, though the gospel was certainly included. Instead, he looked out at us, and he talked about the things that had happened on Friday. He talked about the journey Jesus had made through the streets of Jerusalem, and the things that were done to Him, and how his enemies, and even some of his followers, certainly thought it was over. And he reminded us of the things Jesus had said on the cross, and then he said………..

Why are you living on Friday?

It wasn’t finished, and it wasn’t over, and it is still not over, because the Power of the Resurrection is the same power we can live in today! There is no need to live defeated. That was Friday! Come out of Friday, because it is in the past. It’s over, and now it’s Sunday all the time! Resurrection Sunday!

It was an incredible service for me, and I realized how often I have fallen in to that trap of defeated living. But when God says nothing is impossible, that is exactly what He means. NOTHING! Not one thing! And that means yes, you can. Whatever He has called you to do, whatever dream He has given you, it is attainable in His strength. On Sunday, if only you are willing to live in Sunday instead of Friday.

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  1. You know, he’s right. I mean, look how we dwell on Christmas, the birth of Jesus, the promise and freshness of the New Year just around the corner. But Easter is the promise of everlasting New Years! It’s not the end of the story of Jesus, anymore than the crucifixion was the end of His life. It’s the beginning of hope and renewal and the reward of staying the course.

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