Hmm, what to say, what to say?

For the first time in many days, I am sitting here ready to post, but lacking an idea of what to write about. Ordinarily on Wednesday, I’d pop off a product review or something to do with health and beauty or a Lensday post. See, I have options and backup options and backup on the backup. Today, however, there are a series of issues.

1) This week’s Lensday challenge isn’t posted yet. I’m finding this is usually the case at my normal posting time. You’ll note I missed Manic Monday for the same reason. I need to get my posting done earlier in the day than some of the memes are ready. Which serves as a great incentive to get mne ready and auto publish just after midnight, I guess.

2)I’m not up for a health and beauty post because I am still paying the penalty for that period of time that I put my momentary desires above my weight goal. Consequently, I don’t feel qualified to give anybody any advice, nor do I wish to wallow in my own failure to do what I want to do for my own self. Ok, one piece of advice: if you are trying to count calories, WRITE DOWN your food counts. Seriously, because if you think you can “just keep it in your head”, you can’t. Boys and girls, I lost weight eating fruitcake when I kept track of the numbers, and I gained eating “just food” when I stopped.

31JhLV6hbNL. AA280 3)The only things I’ve purchased lately are new sneakers and the mp3 player, both of which I have mentioned. Hmm, mentioned. Not discussed in detail. Ok, let me talk about my new shoes. I’m really enjoying them! I got the New Balnce Abzorb WR414wfs. These things weigh next to nothing; they feel like butterflies on my feet! I tried on a few pairs in different brands and these fit my narrow-heeled high-arched foot the best of any of them. I’ve worn them every other day for a couple of weeks now, and I am still very pleased with them. That’s a high compliment from this clog wearing gal. These are without a doubt the best fitting shoe I have ever had, with the exception of my red Fanfare pumps, which I outgrew during my first pregnancy. That was 20 years ago, and I still mourn those shoes.

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