The March Report

It’s that time again, folks. Time to hold my failures up to public ridicule, and also to brag on myself. It’s my fervent hope that there is more of the latter than the former.

Yep, made some stuff, didn’t spend any money, see the craft blog for details.

We did maintain the status quo, but no further progress was made. I did spend a boatload of money this month, but most of it was on general household needs. We aren’t any further behind, but we aren’t any closer to caught up, either. Guess that means “bring the light bill current goes on the April plan.

While we still aren’t doing group work, we are doing much better with school in general. I changed my schedule so that I work first thing in the morning, and then turn immediately to school, starting with my youngest student and going to the oldest. Depending what time I get through with work, we’re done with school between 3 and 5, and that’s working at a steady but unhurried pace. Of course, I’d still like to be done by noon, but then what would I do, sit here and surf the internet?

Family More, Internet Less
I am doing better here. I know this is true, because of the house and the school. I still sit at the desk a lot, but I’m not always playing online. And I am actually leaving the desk more, too.

Time with Dh
I have totally fallen off the wagon with this one. Time with dh absolutely depends on getting the last of the kids in bed by 9. I need to be in bed by 10 in order to get up without grumpiness at 6:45. Bedtime for the older ones is not a priority with him, mostly I think because he doesn’t see the correlation. That’s ok, the world is not going to end, but honesty compels me to be … well, honest. And the truth is, this isn’t happening as I’d wish it, too.

Weight Loss
This one just about has me in tears. Still stuck there at 154. I am a weak, weak woman, and that is a fact. I enjoy eating with my family, and I have been doing that way too much, I guess, when I should be eating my “food from the box”. They make it difficult because they want me to come sit with them. And I do like to sit with them, but … hmm, time to buckle back down to it! I did pick up a few meal replacements this weekend, so perhaps I will have something better to say on April 30th.

Bible Reading
Yes. This one is a yes, LOL!

Also a yes. This is one of the things I do when I move away from the computer. In fact, on Friday, I went to the library for the express purpose of getting books to review. And I’ve already read one of them! And I also finished Matrimony and wrote a fairly lengthy review of it on this blog. And I am currently reading A Thousand Splendid Suns.

House Cleaning
Ummm, not so much. Held steady, but not much progress, except for a little furniture re-arranging in my room. I also got the huge stack of bins out of the office area, but that was mostly just putting them in other places–they aren’t really “dealt with”, but we will get there. I think for this month, my goal is to maintain what I’ve done and get the stuff out of the freezer cubby, either via eBay or the midwife. Anybody need a sling or some newborn diapers? Breast pump? I have several of those, LOL!

To-Do list
Sigh. That’s all I want to say about that. But no, I must say more. I did add some new projects to it, and I am seriously trying to streamline and consolidate stuff so I can get on with the list. I keep meaning to come back after school and work on it (it’s mostly internet related), but I am so brain-drained by the time school is over that it’s just not happening. I’m totally satisfied that I have my priorities lined up correctly, but I still don’t like being so far behind. Ladies and Gents, there are items on that list from last NOVEMBER. Sigh.

And there we have an entire moaning paragraph sandwiched with sighs. It just doesn’t get any more whiny than that, now does it?

In February, I said: Oh, as noted above, much my stuff is together. Now I can begin work on my thoughts and ideas and get something done with my days aside from just getting through them!

This is happening, and this one item indicates success to me, because it’s the fruit of all the others, really. I am getting stuff done. I’m no longer looking around in bewilderment. I am no longer befuddled. I know what needs to be done, and I am doing my best to make it happen. That’s a good thing, ya’ll. A very good thing.

Better Blogger
March 2007 : 1070
Feb 2008: 1257
March 2008: 1228 so far and the day isn’t over yet.

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