Media Musings-Will You Look at This?

IMG 0332I told you I went to the library for books. I told you I bought magazines. I told you I had a bunch of stuff on my to-do list. So, to prove that this was true, and also because I thought it ought to be recorded for posterity, I took this picture. The camera was on my shoulder, so this is what I see on my left as I sit here at my desk. No wonder I have a headache at the end of the day, LOL!

3 thoughts on “Media Musings-Will You Look at This?

  1. Cass, I de-cluttered my desk yesterday! I’m sure my husband it grateful now that he doesn’t have to look it all tumbling over every time he walks by.

    I really do feel more effective when it’s organized. Of course, that won’t stop it from working it’s way back to being a chaotic tower again over the next few weeks. 😉

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