Revlon Colorsilk 49

Guess what I did last Friday? That’s right!


IMG 0325


hair today

All in all, I am satisfied. The color costs less than $5, and so I saved myself at least 55 bucks over having my hairdresser do it for me. It didn’t smell bad, and the after conditioner was incredible. And I had half a bottle of the solution left when I was done. No hat you can do anything with that except throw it away, since it doesn’t keep once it’s mixed. I think I will keep doing it myself a least for now.

I also had a hair cut on Saturday, with a different stylist, and that was a disaster of incredible proportions. The cut was fine, but the woman knew nothing of curly hair. She turned her blow dryer up as hot and as hard as it would go, and she blew my hair dry (say that like the bog bad wolf blowing on the pigs’ houses.) She burned my scalp, ya’ll. And I ended up looking like Broom Hilda. On a bad day. When she was done, I had her put me back in the bowl and re-wash it. Then I styled it myself. And then, when I was checking out, she asked me “Would you like to add anything to that, Cassie?” So I added five bucks, and that five dollar tip was her severance pay. I despise to be called Cassie, truly I do. Not to mention the truly horrible hair she gave me.