Clean Kitchen Tackle It Tuesday 4/8/2008

Umm, ya’ll. I reclaimed my kitchen! My friend Ang. and I have determined to turn over several new leaves, and it started yesterday, with our weight control efforts and today with our houses. I reclaimed the kitchen that I had scrubbed in January. Clutter had encroached again. I moved the microwave to the other side, put the coffee pot back down on the counter so I can mop up from under it more easily and left an entire counter between the stove and sink clear for mixing and general food prep.

IMG 0379Now, just in case you were wondering just how much mess can be caused by a little leak….this shirt was clean when I put it on this morning. Now, I am short, so anytime I reach to do something, my belly rubs. Today, it rubbed against the counter and sink, LOL! It was worth it though, because I am actually happy thinking about getting back in there and cooking. I guess that was my tackle for today. Because, hey! It’s Tuesday. I did not take before pictures, but here are after shots 🙂

IMG 0380 IMG 0381 1

8 thoughts on “Clean Kitchen Tackle It Tuesday 4/8/2008

  1. Yay! Feels great, doesn’t it? I know I’m not doing this with y’all, but I’m in the midst of reclaiming my apartment. Well, maybe claiming it for the first time since I moved in two years ago. I reclaimed my bedroom… I’m hoping to get pictures up tonight.

  2. Au contraire! If I took a picture now, you would see COOKIES in that jar on the microwave.

    Also, breakfast dishes on the other counter, LOL

  3. Having never in my life met someone actuall named Directory List, I’ve taken the liberty af christening you Alvin.

    The red liquid in the wine bottle is ….. (wait for it) … wine.

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