Tackle it Tuesday- A plan

I have done a good bit of cleaning today, but the thing I am most pleased with is my weekly schedule. Here’s my basic plan:

Monday: Master Bath-mirrors, sinks and counters, tub, shower, toilet, floor, wipe cabinet fronts
Tuesday: Master Bedroom-mirrors, dust, sheets, changing table, vacuum, pull extra hangers from dh’s closet
Wednesday: Living Room and Work Area-entertainment center, desk, craft hutch, bookshelves, toys, dust, vacuum
Thursday: Kid Zone-girls (sheets, closet, dust, vac), boys (sheets, closet, vac), bathroom (mirror, sink, tub, toilet, floor)
Friday: Kitchen and Laundry Area-frig, microwave, stove, counters, wipe cabinet fronts, hutch, washer and dryer tops, floor
Saturday: Shopping, Errands, Me Time

I’m not even going to list all my daily stuff, because it’s just scary. Trust, me, there is a lot of it. But this weekly plan, I think is going to be a big boost for me, because I won’t be wasting time spinning my wheels wondering what to do. And all that wheel spinning really cuts into my posting time. As does crisis cleaning, which is why I don’t want to do those things any more. I want to play and write, instead!

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5 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday- A plan

  1. Looks like a do-able schedule. WTG figuring it out. I really need to sit down and make up something like this so things don’t get put off so long. That just makes them harder to clean!

  2. It’s working so far. It’s taking a lot less time this week to get the jobs done than it took last week!

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