Feels so right

IMG 0424One of the myriad tasks I did Monday was to put up a new clothesline. My old one sorta kinda died last year (maybe the year before??), and I had been without one for some time. And then I had to snap a picture! I forgot about it yesterday, but I hung this loads of whites out today. I love to see clothes on a clothesline. The way they flap in the breeze, there is just something so right about it.

Do you have things that you see or do that …. seem to connect you to a shared past? Actions so familiar that they are timeless and universal?? Tasks so much a part of life that you look down at your hands and they could be any hands??? For me it is hanging out clothes, sewing, and making biscuits. These are tasks that I have seen done so often that when I do them it is like looking into the tunnel of the past. My hands become my mother’s hands become my grandmother’s hands become her mother’s hands become her mother’s hands and so on, forever into the past.

And today, my daughter’s hands were beside mine as she helped me do this work of the ages. I did a lot of chores today. I am well spent to say the least. And not one of them was more satisfying than this one.

One thought on “Feels so right

  1. For me it’s washing my baby’s tiny clothes. It’s just so connecting me to mothers of the world 😀
    keep posting!

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