Can we please unplug?

That’s exactly what I am planning to do. I have had a very busy, very pressed week, and I need to chillax. I have just done the week’s grocery shopping, I am going to hang out and do some fun shopping with my mom tomorrow, and then write some lesson plans. Unless I decide to not write them until Sunday afternoon. Regardless, I am setting the SPS to autopublish, and I plan to spend the weekend not stressing.

Also, I have decided I really don’t blog very well when I wait until the late afternoon to do it. That will have to change.

Also, I bought another pair of shoes today–strappy wedge flip flops.

Also, some shoe fetishist asked me what size my shoes were last night. Or maybe it was a foot fetish. Yes, I totally typed both those phrases for the traffic. 😛 But it did indeed happen.

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