Let There Be Clothes

The other day at the library I picked up a book. Amazing, right? A book at the library? And honestly, it was more like a month ago, but I just finished it Sunday. Let There Be Clothes by Lynn Schnurnberger is a magazine-like book that covers the world of fashion from pre-history to 1990. (As an aside, is there really such a thing as pre-history? I mean, history is the story of the world, and what came before that? Nothing. And so what’s to tell? Nothing. So there can be no prehistory. OTOH, people sometimes use the term to mean before recorded history, but they always use it in the context of “during prehistoric times blahblahblah”, so they are recording what happened. Ergo, it’s not pre-history. D’uh)

I enjoyed the book, especially once I quit trying to read it word for word, and just browsed it like a catalog. There are numerous pictures on every page, and they are well labeled so you know exactly what you are looking at. It’s a fun read for someone who is into clothes or history or just knowledge for the sake of knowledge (that would be me, on all counts). I don’t think I’d buy it, but it’s a nice book nonetheless. And hefty, weighing in at 432 pages! Set aside a lazy Saturday, and give it a look, if your library has it.

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