Oh, Lookie, there you are!

It’s nice to see you! I thought you’d forgotten all about me over here. Oh no. That’s me who’s been missing, isn’t it? I am sorry, life has reached a level of interesting that only Chinese Fortune Tellers could appreciate, and there’s been little time for blogging. I’ve been having a hard time focusing when I could blog, and the result has just been…me being frantic. You know what I realized just a few minutes ago? I’d been forgetting to pray over my days. Or have my friend pray over mine while I pray over hers. I am telling you that it’s amazing how much difference that makes. The whole day just goes so much smoother! Frantic is not a style that suits me, I am much more comfortable in “classic”.

Classic. Like Kate Hepburn. Classic. Like Marilyn Monroe. Classic. Like Jane Seymour. Classic. Like Mariska Hargitay. Classic. Like Emily Proctor. You know all those ladies just look so…competent, you know? You never see/saw any of them running around with their head cut off. Well, except MM, but who can discuss classic without at least mentioning her, and off screen, she was pretty level headed. And they always look great! Regal even. In these gals, classic style translates to class, and thats … the way I want to be–both classic and classy.

75x75What’s your style? Dockers wants to know, and they want to know badly enough that they are sponsoring a TV commercial contest, and the winner’s commercial will be played during the Tonight Show. How slick is that? Of course, I feel creative as a turnip today, and so all I can think of is a screen full of me walking away in a pair of their classic cut pants. That might be a little more of me than I want on national television, ROFL! Perhaps you can come up with a better idea for the Dockers contest. Or perhaps you are nervy enough to paste your backside in primetime. Either way, it should be fun!

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