Still a Shoe Ho

Have I mentioned that I love a shoe? I do! Also, lipstick and eyeshadow, and the feel of silk, but I’m digressing. Of course, you may remember the photo pf me wearing 2 different peep toe wedges. Or the one of me with 4 different shoes. Or the one with three pairs of clogs. And then the one of the clothes I bought the day of Papa’s funeral, with the shoes (unmentioned, but clearly loved because they were) on top (of the clothes). And then there is the pair of brown spike heel snake-skin look pumps I bought weekend before last. I love a shoe.

So! It was with great trepidation and much lust that I visited today. Oh, have I mentioned that I have been rather firmly requested to avoid shopping for clothes (including shoes) of any kind until after the Indy 500 as a result of the shopping spree that included those luscious brown pumps? And have I also mentioned that my daughters love shoes, too? And that all our birthdays are just around the corner? That’s right; June, July and August, just in time for me to get placed by on clothes restriction until the Race for the Chase is over.

Bachelorette PnkM
It would most likely be worth it, though, because will you just look at this shoe? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It is truly delectably dangerous ground for a girl like me! They have tsubo shoes, seychelles shoes, minnetonka boots and several other brands, and plenty of ways to spoil your birthday gal. And also yourself.

P.S. I wear a size 8. And my birthday is toward the end of July. I’ll wait by the mailbox. Don’t disappoint me.