Oh, the Pressure or Performance Anxiety for Bloggers

why is it that sometimes I sit down to write here, and the words just come, and it’s like there are a couple of you sitting right here with me, and we are just chatting like friends, and the words just flow and then the post is done, yay! Too easy. And sometimes, I sit down to write and it seems like the computer is an endless box of white that I must fill but I don’t know how or even why and never mind what, and there is only thought in my brain, and not words. Images, but vague like a watercolor painting, old and faded and left too long in the sun, no detail, just impressions.

Guess which one I am today.

I even said something witty to dh in the shower this morning. I mean it was witty enough that I almost followed it with “and that’s why I’m a writer”, and now I don’t remember what it was. But it was funny. I know because he laughed when I said it.

By the way, have I mentioned that I now have a somewhat normal sleeping schedule? In bed at a decent hour, up (relatively for me) early? Yeah. Kinda cool, that. It’s been that way for a couple weeks now. I go to bed. I sleep. I wake up. I work. I hang with the fam. I go to bed. I sleep. I wake up……… Nice.

Ok, that’s about the end of my inspiration. Unless you know of some sort of writing Viagra, spelling Cialis, or linguistic Levitra, I’m done.