People will buy anything. And also sell it!

a1e2 1Do you remember those segments Jay Leno used to do, “Found on eBay”? Like the grilled cheese sandwich with “Jesus” on it?? There were a couple of other ones, too, that just cracked me up. Of course, I like Jay, and he cracks me up almost every night. I’d truly love to know how he votes in the election, because it’s hard to tell from his jokes–he seems to roast both sides pretty evenly, at least from my conservative perspective. But I digress. I should have a category Cass Digresses. Anyway, the subject was weird stuff on eBay. I think. Yes, looking at the title, we are clearly talking about the buying and selling of weird items. Like that cup on the left. When I checked eBay this morning, it was going for $6.01. Of course, the seller said it would be filled, but they didn’t say with what. Yeah, you can buy anything there. I saw listings that would curl your hair! Do not go unaccompanied into the “weird stuff” section of eBay. Trust me on this! That’s where Colleen listed her (in)famous “snail trail” pants.

Of course, eBay shut her auction down, which was kinda odd considering all the other stuff they sell. Maybe if she had used a listing service like iSold It, she’d be rolling in dough today. I remember the price was pretty phenomenal (at least to me) when they capped it. What is iSold It? Well, they are ebay listers. You drop your salable items off with them, and they handle all the details for you. They photograph it, list it, collect for it and ship it. Then they send you (or your favorite charity) a check. Pretty slick huh?

Let me see if I have any empty cups around here 😉
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