154. Again. Still.

I think I must be caught in some sort of weight unloss nightmare! Seriously. I have weighed 154 for the past decade, except when I lost weight nursing. That’s where I want to be, at that weight loss point, around 140. NOT at this 154. And this was a horrible food week (month?) for me. We eat hot dogs as a family every Saturday. We ate hotdogs and hamburgers at Boy Scout Crossover on the 10th. And we ate hot dogs and hamburgers at a cookout on Mother’s Day, the 11th. And we had hot dogs here on the 17th. And we ate hot dogs and hamburgers at a church cookout on the 18th.

Did you do the math? We have had hot dogs 4 times since the 10 of May! Do you know how many calories are in a hot dog? Including the bun, about 300, depending on brand. Sigh. Craziness.

let me do some more math, real quick. You can follow along. Each weiner contains 2 ounces of what might possible be consider meat, and roughly 180 calories (we use Ball Park franks, because, truly, I detest hot dogs, and I refuse to eat any more cheap weiners and my dh refuses to give up hot dogs, so that’s our compromise. So, 180 calories divided by 2 ounces of meat equals 90 calories per meat ounce. Umm, scuse me. Lean beef is less than 70 calories an ounce, and chicken breast is about 30.

Can I really afford 90 calories an ounce for meat, when I am trying to keep it under 1500 calories a day and I need 5 meats, 5 grains, 3 dairy, 2 veggies and 1.5 fruits? I didn’t think so.

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  1. I know it can be hard when it comes to losing weight. Believe me throughout my whole life my body weight has went up and down but when I was growing up as a child I was this skinny little white kid that everyone picked on and then once I found out that I had a mental illness to deal with in my life I started taking medications for them and then my body weight when hey wire and every since then my body goes from one extreme to another with gaining and loosing weight. But if you just keep sticking to what you believe in and do your best that is all someone can ask for. And no matter what anyone says about you as long as you are comfortable with yourself nothing else matters. At least that is what I have found out the hard way throughout most of my life. But you have a lot of interesting things to say and you write really good posts from the looks of everything I would say you are on the right track so keep up the Good work on your site and in your life and best of luck to you and I will keep checking back for new posts because you seem like a very interesting person and a great writer at that….
    So Thanks for the great post,

  2. Hi,
    I’m jessie. I don’t even want to talk about weight. It gets harder and harder to be the perfect weight the older you get. The important thing is that you are exercising and trying to eat healthy. It really sounds like you are a great mom, and that’s what counts.
    Isn’t it?

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