Self Portrait Sunday 6/15/2008

The vacation apparently continues. My modem went out on Wednesday, and my internet provider “shipped out a new one overnight” that evening. Still haven’t seen that sucker as I type this Saturday morning. However, I have a new cable provider as of Friday, along with cable TV.

However, now it is time to camp! Here’s a photo I took a few days ago, modeling a sweater I am knitting.

IMG 0506
Hmm, it occurs to me that most of what you see here are my outstanding features. Oops. I had forgotten about that.

Saturday evening update:
Here is one my daughter took yesterday while we were eating smores.

IMG 0512
My husband had just handed me a hot marshmallow, when the baby spilled ice cold drink in my lap. There wasn’t much I could do about either one, since my other hand was holding the bug spray. They enjoyed laughing at me while my leg twitched, though.

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  2. The sweater looks great! You are very talented! Another fun family get together eating smores. What great fun you have together.

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