Learning, doing, learning, doing

You know, I’ve heard it said that there is a sucker born every minute. Ol’ P.T. Barnum meant that in a negative way, but I am pretty sure there is a positive correlary; there is a smart and driven person born every minute. Maybe even two, if you count the minute I was born 😉

What spurred all this? Well, I was visiting LaDonna’s 101 in 1001 and she did something that I have never seen before. She started over. She just scratched it and made a new list. And her new list is a good list. (I tried to leave you a comment, and your theme spat at me). It’s full of things that she wants to learn and do, and items that are not dependent on others for completion.

And then I visited Web Hosting Geeks and saw the web hosting reviews, and I thought–yk, someone took the time to research that stuff and then they put it out there. No one is born knowing all about web hosting. You have to research that kinda stuff. You have to invest your time and your energy, and I bet when they started, they didn’t know what the outcome of he site would even be, But there they are, and it seems to be a pretty popular site, and wow. If I ever need a new web host, I’ll remember these guys, and more than likely click through one of their reviews. They’ll get a little commission, and it will be because of the investment of time and energy they made earlier.

I’m worth that, too. I am worth investing my time and energy in, and in more than a haphazard way. Now, I haven’t looked at my 101 list in months. I know that it has been at least 7, because one of the first items on it had to do with Grandmother, and I just….haven’t been able to look back through it. And one had to do with my Dad, whose been working on night shift and shut down and there’s nothing *I* can do about that. There were items that depended on having money, and I don’t always have that. And then there is the simple fact that I didn’t set aside time to do it. But I think maybe I’m going to join LaDonna and just have myself a little do-over. Item number 1 of 101 can be “acknowledge that I am worth my own time and energy”.

2 thoughts on “Learning, doing, learning, doing

  1. Generally, I hate any webhosting company that doesn’t have ssh. Basically, I feel that if I can’t type obscure, arcane things that gives me the lay of the system I’m connected to, I’m pretty much in a total rut.

  2. Did Jooooolie tell you I found your blog off her site today? Totally spewed water through my nose!

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