Not Tonight, Dear

I have a headache. Seriously, I feel like my eyes are about to pop right out from the pressure! I know it’s just sinus/allergy related, and it has just started raining, so I hope to get some relief shortly. It’s been a long time since I had to muddle thorough a whole day with a headache, and let me tell ya–it is NOT fun. It’s probably not much fun for the folks around me either, but if someone was poking their eyeball with a fork, they’d be testy too. Just sayin’

So, why am I posting here about my headache? Didn’t I tell ya’ll I wasn’t going to post unless I had something to say? Cause. Yes. I am posting here about my headache because I am trying desperately to get back into the blogging groove. And the thing I have to say is this: Someone looked me dead in the eye about 10 days ago and told me it would take a year for me to get over the past six months. I really, really hope he wasn’t right about that.

One thought on “Not Tonight, Dear

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I am having a headache this very moment, as I have an inflammation of an eye and need to keep looking at the display instead of having my eye shut for faster cure:( So, I DO understand how it feels and hope it will pass before I get totally mad about it…

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