It’s 8 pm and I am ready for bed. What an exciting life I lead, eh? It will be couple of hours yet before I get there, more like three, but … it’s good sleeping weather just this minute. Rain drumming on the roof, the ultimate lullaby.

Tomorrow, I am planning an exciting day! My friend Deb, who came to see me last year, is an hour away, and I will be meeting her for the afternoon. We’ll hang out, and eat an early supper together, and we are both giddy to see each other again.

Tonight, I made two lasagnas. I put them together, so rich and lucious. I put them in the oven to bake I sat down and I calculated the calories and saturated fat. And then I went to the freezer and took out a chicken breast for my supper. My lasagna is not on my list of good food choices, at 13 grams of saturated fat per serving. At least not today, when I had already eaten 7.5 grams with the earlier meals.

Today, I got something in the mail. If I was a man, it would have been obvious how excited I was. Since I am not, I will just show you a picture and leave the rest up to your imagination.

IMG 0590

Yes, I have a fixation.

3 thoughts on “8pm

  1. Yes it’s sad isn’t it. The older you get the earlier you seem to go to bed. When you’re going to bed at 8 or 9 you do begin to wonder how much earlier you can go to bed before you’re going to bed in the daylight

  2. Well, after reading your post I have to say that you seem to remind me of myself a little and the way I look at it is don’t look at how old you are but look at the life you are leading and if you are having fun leading the life you lead than that is all that matters. And when it comes to bed time I am a early to bed type of person myself so don’t feel like you are the only one out there though my wife doesn’t like it that I go to bed so early but I have always been early to bed early to rise type of person so anyways just have fun with the life you are leading and make the best of everyday and that is all anyone can really ask from someone.Also, it looks like it from your posts that you are a very good writer so keep up the good work on writing great material and I will keep checking back to read your posts.
    Thanks Again,

  3. I remember a time when I used to stay up till 11 or 12 and THEN go out… Nowadays I’m lucky to make it through a movie I start at 7pm… ugh… 😉

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