IRL with Deb and Mama

If you came by Sunday, you saw that my self portrait was actually taken by someone else last week. That someone was Deb’s son, and the picture was made on the pedestrian bridge at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. I’d been excited to see Deb since she told me her vacation plans would bring her to the area, and we had great fun chatting and strolling through the shops. We went through the Mirror Maze and then we ate at Preston’s.

The third person in the picture is my mom, but I think most of you knew that. I blog about her pretty often, mostly in passing. We always have a good time together.

Deb and I also went in Black Market Minerals. This turned out to be a deliciously painful experience that will cost me a bunch of money because I am now a bead ho. That’s mostly all I will say about that on this blog, because beading is a hobby and I blog about hobbies on my craft blog. I will just take a moment to refer you to my crack dealer enabler.

Mama and I also stopped by a new-to-us yarn store, but it was closed. All of this wishful shopping led to a second trip on Friday. That trip needs about 48 posts of it’s own, but it won’t get that many, and I am not sure exactly where they will appear. I will say that it included yarn and beads and shoes. You were just waiting for me to say shoes weren’t you?