Rainy days and Airplanes

What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Are you a window person or an aisle person? Why?

There are three questions this week, but I am only planning to answer these two. I’m allowed to pick and choose, right? Right!

On rainy days, I love to lounge about and read. Followed by a nap. Followed by a grilled cheese sandwich with cream of mushroom soup. Followed by more lounging and reading. All without the tv or radio. This never happens anymore, but it’s still my favorite. Well, my second favorite. The first involves my husband and blushing a lot.

On the plane, I don’t much care. I generally read or craft or nap. If I am on te window, I get to look out, if I am on the aisle I get to nurture a vain hope of getting off the plane sooner. It’s a lie, but I believe it every time.

One thought on “Rainy days and Airplanes

  1. On the plane: alllways windows seat. I just need to know whats out there:)
    As of rainy day – there’s no rule. Usually just sit & browse (talking original…. 🙂 ).

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