Succumbed, Sorta

Yes, I have. I have finally succumbed to the Croc rage. Sorta. See, I have avoided crocs for their pure-tee ugliness since they first came out. But I have a love affair with denim from way back. I’d live in it if I could, except for when I want to wear high heels, and even then, if it didn’t make my mama frown, I would maybe wear denim. So when I saw these shoes, it was all over but the buying. I mean. Jeans. For my feet. Only plastic. Hello!

IMG 0706


The good news is that they aren’t really Crocs, but a brand called Funky Feet. Now that I’ve worn them, though, I imagine it’s only a matter of time until I get more. And opportunity. Let’s not forget opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Succumbed, Sorta

  1. Those are so cute! I have also refused to worship at the temple of Crocs, even though I see little girls smaller than Kaitlyn wearing pink ones and feel myself weakening. But I resist! Although geez, those denim ones are SO CUTE.

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