41 year old eyes

Last year, when I went to the eye doctor, he wrote me out a prescription, and I picked out cute frames, and I asked if I needed to wear them all the time, and he said, “No, you’ll know when you need to put them on”, and I said ok, and went biddy-bopping down the street feeling saucy with cute pink frames that I only has to wear once in a while.

Well, now. Pink is a good color on me, and I like pink, but sometimes, I want to wear red, and then the pink glasses, they look a little odd. And that would not be a problem, except that lately I have been getting headaches that are strangely relieved by putting on my glasses. Not that I need to wear the glasses more. It’s just that I greatly prefer to not have headaches. I just want to be clear!

So, it might be time to consider new eyeglasses that aren’t quite so…colorific. A little more majestic mature ok, plain. Because, occasionally, plain can be good, and really, Tylenol should not be a regular food group for me. And Zenni Optical has good prices (like, starting at $8, seriously!!) and their customer service and quality was even talked about on clarkhoward.com.

So whaddya think? This one
t 52 03

or this one?
t 472 03

Yeah, I know I don’t do plain very well. It’s a failing.