Surrounded by family

Wow. Just wow. I spent the weekend with my family. Yep, that side that I thought I didn’t mention that much but realized I did when I searched the blog. I guess that … lack … bothered me more than I was willing to admit. I guess admitting it would have hurt more than pretending I was okay with how things were. Or were not, in this case.

It was a transformational weekend. It was … a happiness to just be there with them. For the first ever, there was no tension. We were all just there together, with each other, enjoying that good feeling, and it was as if we had done it this way all my life, except that I could breathe, and I was not afraid.

One of my kids told me I was weird while we were there, and she was just joking around. I was headed out the door to go talk with my cousins who were in the yard, and I poked my head back in and said, “No, here I am just one of us.”

Will you trust me when I tell you that my words are inadequate to express my feelings? Ok, so here I am, with my Aunt and my cousin’s daughter and my Drama. And we are family. Finally.

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3 thoughts on “Surrounded by family

  1. Ah! There you are! I’m glad you had that experience. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the possibility that I’ll be moving back to the mainland. Not having seen relatives (except for my son) in many, many years, I don’t know quite what to expect, but somehow still think it will be all good.

    Didja make me some jewelry? đŸ˜€

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