This is fashion?

Oh, how I wish I had a picture to accompany this post! Alas, I do not normally drive around holding my camera in my hand. Occasionally, yes, but only if I know I will see something worth photographing. Late last week as I was driving the kids to practice, I got caught totally off guard by a sight that made me ask for a fork so I could poke out my own eyes. Fortunately, my children reminded me that the image was already singed into my brain, and poking out my eyes would do nothing to change that, so I can still see.

I saw a man. A full grown man. And his pants. His pants were so low that his belt was wrapped tightly around his upper thighs. He was wearing one of those wife beater tanks, and it was taut over his buttockal region. It was not pretty, people. It was just….scary, in a point-your-fingers-and-cross-your-eyes-and-clutch-your-gut-laughing kind of way. Seriously. The man was literally HOBBLED by his thigh squeezing belt.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to buy clothes that fit?

3 thoughts on “This is fashion?

  1. Yeah I’m with Nellie.
    You COULD wear clothes that fit, but really aren’t we all pretty good at walking by now. There’s no challenge in it any more. Simply strolling down the street is so laughably easy. There’s no ‘zest’ to it. Trying to catch a bus, picking something up off the ground, running from the cops all WAY to easy…

    You’ll see, this pant sagging dude sounds like a visionary, a true trend setter.

    “Fashion” will never be the same!

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