Breitling watches, and The Weekend Update, NOT with Tina Fey

Ok, sorry. But really, when I started writing the title, it cracked me up! Because I am like that. HA!

Ok, on Friday, I posted that I was committing to the great mag purge of 2008. Since I did not finish the 486 page InStyle, I had to toss something. Goodbye TownHall from April 2008. I am sure there are 48 thousands more controversies in the ensuing 6 months.

Then there was the party Saturday afternoon, which I referenced in the previous post. And Sunday was church. And that’s what I did this weekend, except that I noticed that I am still not in the habit of wearing the watch that I purcased specifically so I could tell what time it was on Sunday morning, so I could be sure to be where I am supposed to be at the right time: kid’s music at 10:15 and hostessing coffee fellowship at 10:30 and in the sanctuary at 10:55. Have I mentioned I have been being late into the sanctuary? Repeatedly? Yeah, not good.

11244Now, I wonder if I would feel more compelled to wear my watch if I had one of these Breitling watches. Isn’t that gorgeous? I know it is a man’s watch, but hello! It is pink! And you know that I love pink! I also like blue, by not as much as I like pink.11222 Of course, I’d like to point out that the blue ladies’ watch is thirty-two THOUSAND dollars less than the pink men’s watch. What’s up with that, I wonder? Clearly, Breitling watches knows I am not above buying a man’s watch, that’s what. Except, for that small matter of the $32,000. Not sure I could even use “being on time for church” to justify that, yk?

One thought on “Breitling watches, and The Weekend Update, NOT with Tina Fey

  1. I personally think the pink one is uuuugly. The blue one is ok, but blue is my favorite color! I can’t wear watches anyway, they always stop working on me…

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