Be So Glad

I will be so happy when Friday evening gets here! I have a hot date with my main gal pal. And by that, I mean my hairdresser. We have had to reschedule several times, and the appointment I have on Friday was originally slated for July 26th. A month plus, people. My hair is no longer growing down, it is growing out. Bigger and Bigger and Bigger. And while I do like big hair, I think I have reached the point where I am walking around with constant Victory Hair. You know, the kind of hair you have after a really hot date with your personal Fabio. And hopefully Fabio is your husband’s name, if you know what I mean.

Most ladies get that under control before they go out in public, but there is no serum, wax, or gel on the planet under my sink that can deal with this, and it must go. Friday. At 5pm. Gone. Of course, the process of getting more victory hair will start as soon as I get out of the chair, because there is only one step in my victory hair process, and it will continue even after I die, because! Your hair grows after death! Should I sign up for a posthumous in haircut, do you think? No?

For those of you who take a more traditional path to victory hair, and who remember the dating game, and who need a giggle this morning, I have enclosed a little widget for the “Ultimate Flirting Championship”. It is kinda fun to play in that if you like and occasional blast from the past. I won, FTR. 😉

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The Ultimate Flirting Championship is put out by Extreme Style by VO5, and it has served it’s purpose with me. I’ll be looking for the line of products the next time I but styling aids. When my hair is actually almost controllable. Friday. Around 6pm. Possibly 7, given the current state of my head. I want to try the curling mousse for sure!

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