Late Self Portrait Sunday 08/31/2008

Sorry this is late, ya’ll. I hit the ground running yesterday, and I stayed that way until 10pm. That’s what I get for not pre-publishing this week.
IMG 0858

Also, I hope whatever that weird spot thing is on my picture is only on my lens. Every shot is like that.

3 thoughts on “Late Self Portrait Sunday 08/31/2008

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  2. I almost managed to post mine yesterday, then my hard drive self-destructed. Got a new lappy today & am still trying to figure it out. Just figured out how to copy and paste links, so here I am.

    Are you going redder with your hair or is just that the photo makes it a little red?It looks liek red hgihglights around your face. I like! 🙂

  3. My lens was very dirty, and think the “halo” mkes the red show more. I’ve been this color for almost 6 months now.

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