On the hairiness of hair

Now, if you are Ang., you are thinking that I am surely about to discuss the amazingness of the hair on my head. You are wrong, Ang., that is not what this post is about, though I do have some uh-MAZ-ing hair today. Here, let me show you:

IMG 1015

I’ll tell you how I got it later, I promise. Because right now, I want to talk about other hair. Hair that isn’t so amazing. Hair that I don’t really want, if you know what I mean.

The Bearded Lady
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That extra eyebrow hair–that I plucked in Orlando and had to pluck again today. And when did my eyebrow hair start growing down on my eyelid? Like almost to the crease? Whose idea was that? Probably the same person who thought I would look good in a beard. Which I also plucked in Orlando. And again this morning. Hello? Attention?? Not rocking the bearded look here. No way.

So, I’m looking at alternatives. Ang. says she can teach me to wax, but I never had a problem with sagging eyelids until I had my brows waxed, and then I had some hive type swelling, so I am not real thrilled with that option. Totally not going to be shaving it, either.

Like my Grandmother did. For at least the last 20 years of her life, but I think closer to 30. Umm, no thanks.

So, that leaves me looking for topical products that dissolve the hair, and it needs to be safe for sensitive skin (see that part about the hive-y swelling above). I want to learn more about Trienelle’s Reductase-5, because it claims to be both natural and gentle. And it has some of the ingredients I look for in skin care products: retinol and salicylic acid and such. And it costs only about a dollar a day. Which really isn’t that bad when I consider that the alternative might eventually be Barbasol. On my face.

Of course, I guess I could just walk around backwards, so all anyone ever saw of me was that amazing hair above. Do you think that’s a good option for me?

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4 thoughts on “On the hairiness of hair

  1. It is ALWAYS about your hair! LOL!

    I want to know who thought it was a good idea for me to start growing WHITE eyebrow hairs! I think I would like to just have the hair on my head and on my eyelids. I would also be okay with eyebrows if they were perfectly shaped and ear and nose hairs if they didn’t grow all long. The rest of the hair can just stop sprouting out of my skin!

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