Momentary lapse of reason

Image of skeeterbess from Twitter

Image of skeeterbess

My friend Skeet had an interesting tweet tonight. Seems she was offered $4800 per month to take a porn link. Man alive. Four thousand eight hundred bucks, ya’ll! Wow. That’s like …. one sixth of our total income for last year.

That’s like, enough to bring our mortgage current and get a second car and that would just be for the first month. The second month, I could get the rest of what the kids need as far as clothes and shoes for the winter, and do some serious home repairs that we just haven’t been able to cover.

Fortyeighthundredbucks. I am ashamed to admit it, but I said I would consider it for such a price. I let some situational ethics come into play. How embarrassing is that? The fact of the matter is that no matter what my temporary circumstance, my situation remains constant. I’m a Child of the King, and I can’t do that. It would grieve my Father.

Image of zoo_ninja from Twitter

Image of zoo_ninja

You know what snapped me out of my delusion? zoo_ninja tweeted up and said
@cassknits OMG you said WHAT?
@cassknits it would be to the @skeeterbess offer that all those I thought were pure, are referring to ๐Ÿ™‚
and then, even as I was writing this post he said
@cassknits it’s a scam I get them all the time. Stay true to your principles and good things will come.

Turns out, it’s pretty much a scam. You have to not only host the link, but spam a gazillion people a day to try to get then to take the link as well. But still. Lord have mercy, what was I possibly thinking? How could I ever look my kids in the eye again? How could I ever explain such a thing to the youth I have charge over? There is no amount of money that could possibly make that offer worth taking.

However, if you can think of a way for me to make that much money and still hold my head up, I’m listening.

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6 thoughts on “Momentary lapse of reason

  1. Do the rest of us know you better than you know yourself? You wouldn’t have taken porn for any amount of money, but of course that much money caused a head snap – we’re all human. You thought about & knew it wasn’t for you, even before I followed up and found out it was a scam. It’s like lusting in your heart. It IS lusting in your heart – a natural reaction that good, moral people recognize and then purge from their hearts and minds. It took you about two blinks to do that. Your high moral character remains intact and you are still someone I greatly admire because of that. DO NOT beat yourself up: you turned your back on temptation. Remember, there is no promise that we won’t be tempted – just the opposite, in fact. The promise is that we won’t be tempted beyond what we can handle. That promise remains true.

  2. For that kind of money, in which I could have all my credit cards paid off in three months instead of three years, I can’t say I wouldn’t have at least briefly considered it as well.

  3. For that much money, I’d consider just about anything. Considering it will weed out the scams.

    My husband and I both work full time, he works an overtime shift every three days, and I blog, and that’s still more money than we make in a month. It would definitely be considered.

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